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boss-praising-employeeI served on the board of the Oklahoma Chapter of National Speakers Association. The president of the organization during my service was Kristine Sexter. She was an amazing and authentic appreciator of her team. Even though she was a thorough, consistent leader, I loved working with her because of her lavish appreciation.

There are many more creative, heartfelt, and specific way to say thank you. Here are some examples that I pulled from Kristine Sexter’s thank you e-mails that she sent to me and to our board members.

Exactly what I was looking for.
Thank you for keeping this fabulous momentum going!
AWESOME! You continue to impress me with
your focus, drive, and professionalism.
YOU GUYS ROCK! Thank you for
your commitment to our mission.
Incredibly exciting! Let’s do it!”
Outstanding display of teamwork,
collaboration, and positive attitude!
You make my day.
I don’t know what I’d do without you.

How can you build on these ideas with your team?

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Carrie Perrien Smith MBA is a marketing, branding, and communication expert. She works internationally with speakers, authors, business leaders, candidates, and growing companies who want to brand themselves as experts in their industry and build a speaking and consulting business. Tons of advances have happened during her career that spans thirty years in the communication and publishing industry. She mingles the best of the old-school, tried-and-true techniques with new-tech publishing and communication tools to help her clients build a brand that screams EXPERT AND WORTH EVERY PENNY!
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