The Importance of Speaking Skills

Our ability to speak to others — one-on-one, in small groups, or in front of an audience — is critical to our success in life. We all have something important to contribute to the world that will most likely rely on our ability to use our voice. Butterflies are okay. They just need training to fly in formation. It’s acceptable and natural to be nervous in front of a group. You can get practice by … Continue reading

Professional Image and Interpersonal Skills Impress Customers


Here are a few quick tips for those business owners who want to make the best splash with their customers through their image and interpersonal skills. Strive to create customers for life. Be customer-focused in everything you do. Treating them the way YOU want to be treated (Golden Rule) AND the way THEY want to be treated (Platinum Rule) will make a substantial investment in a lifelong business relationship. Put your professional biography on your … Continue reading