Break free of the chains of fear, doubt, and low self-esteem

Confidence is a major factor in your success. Without it, you will never experience the satisfaction of a life well-lived. Your future starts today. All you need is the confidence to stand boldly and break through the roadblocks of insecurity and anxiety.

Learning each technique in Like You Own It will transform your ability to communicate with others and address challenges. When you feel more confident in your abilities, it will change the way you interact with people and drastically improve your ability to achieve your dreams.

Own your reputation. Own your value. Own your courage. Own your life. Own your future. Own your confidence.

You are already enough. Your time is now.

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January 2016, Paperback
128 pages $10.95

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The Ultimate Guide to Lifelong Business Relationships

Habits Cover Final.aiThis isn’t just another book on networking — it’s a gold mine. Use the ideas in this book, and you’ll benefit by spending less money on marketing and less time learning the needs and interests of new customers. That equates to more profit, more energy to invest in your company, and more quality time in your personal and professional life to spend doing things that really matter.

This book contains four sections focused on the objective of building lifelong business relationships.

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October 2008, Paperback
268 pages $24.95

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