Conflict Resolution Formula

Are you in the middle of a conflict? Besides the awkwardness of the situation, it is affecting everyone around you and your ability to get things done. Use these tips to move the situation toward resolution.

guys-in-conflictAcknowledge their concern or state your concern
Add an empathetic statement
State your interest in resolution or the reason for the way it is
Ask “How can I help?”

Here are some reasons this formula works.

  • Giving the other party a listening ear pulls some of the emotion out of the interaction.
  • Encouraging them to talk helps them verbalize what they are feeling and rationalize the situation.
  • Apologies can move the conflict forward to resolution. Never be afraid to apologize if it will move the situation forward. It shows you are taking responsibility for your participation in resolution.
  • All parties involved usually can assume some responsibility in most misunderstandings.

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