About the Book

Like You Own It is your key to breaking through the  chains of fear, doubt, negative self-talk, and low-self esteem.

Smith-48-med-crThe techniques in this book are my tried-and-true techniques that I developed over the years to help people build business relationships. An effect that I wasn’t expecting was what it did for my confidence. I felt differently about myself and my capabilities as I mastered new techniques. It transformed how I interacted with others.

Much of what I talk about in Like You Own It is mentioned in even greater detail in my previous book, Currency: Striking Networking Gold in a Relationship Economy. Like You Own It pulls all the confidence-building techniques into one tidy, quick-to-read book so you can start your journey quickly.

It also includes my more-recently developed work on creating your personal truth. This technique has been so powerful for me in eliminating negative self-talk and changing what I believe about myself and my worth to others. Learn this technique. You will be blown away at what it will mean to your life.

I share my heart for this topic in the introduction of the book.

One day it happened. I just got sick to death of people — women and men — leaving their potential on the table because they didn’t believe their own worth. I was disgusted at their way they sold themselves short. It didn’t matter how much anyone else believed in them or encouraged them; they were never going to amount to anything because they didn’t believe they could.

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Folks, the first sale you make is to yourself. Until that happens, no one else will buy. You have to believe in your capabilities and your preparation.

I also believe in God, and I see evidence every single day that He loves me and believes in me — in what I am now and what I could be. When we believe in Him and recognize how much He cares about our learning experiences and success, it makes it easier to believe in ourselves and take some risks. Not all my readers believe in God, but my belief in Him makes me who I am. He is a major source of my confidence.

Since 2002, I’ve developed techniques to help people network and build business relationships. I weave communication skills into every technique I teach. Hands down, communication is the most important tool in an individual’s toolbox.

I’ve learned over the years that a person’s level of confidence in themselves is one of the biggest factors in their success. No matter what their background, if they didn’t believe in themselves, they couldn’t win in life. This is why I wrote Like You Own It. It is loaded with techniques designed to help people to break through their struggles and achieve their fullest potential.

We’re all busy today. I wrote concise chapters so you can learn a concept during your break at work, while your baby is napping, before you slip off to sleep at night, or when you find a quiet moment by yourself in the bathroom. It is packed with rock-solid techniques but is short enough to read on a plane trip.

Like You Own It is written for men and women who are ready to break the chains of insecurity, fear, doubt, low self-esteem, and anxiety that prevent them from succeeding.

You don’t need anyone else to have confidence in you. You don’t need someone or some organization to anoint you “worthy.” Do your homework. Believe in your cause or mission. You are ready. You are already enough. Your time is now.

Carrie Perrien Smith
January 2016


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