Video Lesson 1: Confidence to Lead

This is the first video in a series featuring one of the confidence-building strategies from Carrie Perrien Smith’s new book Like You Own It: Breakthrough Strategies for Confident Living. This lesson is on building your leadership skills and your confidence through volunteer service.

Click here to see a preview of the book and buy your own copy. You’ll also find articles and tools that will help you become your most amazing self.

I’m still learning my way around video — not perfect lighting but still a worthy message.

About Carrie Perrien Smith

Carrie Perrien Smith MBA is a marketing, branding, and communication expert. She works internationally with speakers, authors, business leaders, candidates, and growing companies who want to brand themselves as experts in their industry and build a speaking and consulting business. Tons of advances have happened during her career that spans thirty years in the communication and publishing industry. She mingles the best of the old-school, tried-and-true techniques with new-tech publishing and communication tools to help her clients build a brand that screams EXPERT AND WORTH EVERY PENNY!
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